It’s Not Right! Public Presentations and Workshops


This is a program that addresses issues of older adult abuse, neglect, and self-neglect in communities by engaging bystanders. It teaches citizens of all ages to recognize warning signs of abuse of older adults and to respond safely and supportively.


For more information, please see attached PDF: It’s Not Right



Orange Shirt Day – September 30, 2018

September 30th is Orange Shirt Day! Please consider wearing an orange shirt on that day in support of the children who attended residential schools.

“The Orange Shirt has become a symbol for all of the things that communities have lost through the residential school system: treasured objects, culture and language, ties to families and communities, childhoods, and lives.

Remember to wear an orange shirt on September 30th to honour the experiences of the children who attended residential schools and their families.”

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A Special Thanks – July 4, 2018

We were one of the three community services organizations that received a donation from the Highwood Wildrose Constituency Association! Thank you so much for your support to such wonderful programs in the Foothills area!

Click the link below to read the full Okotoks Online article that features this generous gift!

Highwood Wildrose Constituency Association Gives Generously To Community Services

Written by April Bouchard

The Highwood Wildrose Constituency Association showed an abundance of generosity in downtown Okotoks yesterday afternoon by presenting three community service organizations with $5000 donations.

Kerri Wilkinson, Program Manager for the Foothills Regional Victim Services, says volunteers work very hard to fund raise for these programs, and this donation will be a significant help to fund the services they offer.

“We’ve done golf tournaments and casinos to raise funds, so donations like this are certainly very much appreciated,” said Wilkinson.

Wilkinson says Victim Services volunteers go through extensive training to assist victims of crime or tragedy, and are partnered with the RCMP detachments throughout the MD of Foothills, as well as the northern end of Willow Creek. While about 60 per cent of their funding comes from grants, they still have an additional 40 per cent to come up with.